Cali Cleaners - House Cleaning Tips for FallIt’s Fall in the Northwest again, and it’s time to get ready for the weather to change back to rainy and gray days. While this can be a depressing thought, there’s also things to look forward to, like the holiday season. Before you have that party or family get-together, here are some things you can still take care of while the weather is warm:

  1. Wash windows inside and out, dust window sills that are maybe out of reach.
  2. While at the window area, check drapes and window treatments. Vacuum any dust; send dirtier drapes to the cleaners.
  3. Move furniture and vacuum beneath it.
  4. Arrange for a spring inspection of cooling systems. Don’t wait for the first hot day! Air conditioning firms will give better service when they’re not busy.
  5. Drain sediment from hot water heaters.